很hěn 太tài (HSK level1)

很hěn / 太tài

Please fill in the blanks with “很hěn” and “太tài”.

1 Today is very hot.
Jīntiān _____rè.

2 Today is too hot.
Jīntiān _____rè le.

3 This dish is very tasty.
这个菜_好吃。 Zhè ge cài _____hǎochī. 这个菜好吃了!!
Zhè ge cài _____hǎochī le !!

4 The weather is not so good today.
Jīntiān tiānqì bú _____hǎo.

Answer:1. 很 hěn 2. 太 tài 3. 很hěn 4. 太tài 5. 太tài



  1. 很hěn+Adj, indicates a high degree.
  2. “很hěn” cannot follow a negative word.

不很好bú hěn hǎo(×)


  1. 太tài+Adj+了,indicates a very high degree,sometimes it means “over a certain limit”.
  2. “太tài” can follow a negative word.

When we say“not too good”or“not very good” in Chinese, we use “不太好bú tài hǎo”.

  • The tone is stronger than “很hěn”. 

太好吃了tài hǎochī le > 很好吃 hěn hǎochī

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