HSK2: 比bǐ & 离 lí

  • Comparisons with “比bǐ” A + + B + adj.

Example:姚明我高。 YáoMíng wǒ gāo.

Yaoming is taller than me.

  • Expressing distance with “离 lí” A + + B + 远/近

Example: 地球月亮很远。Dìqiú Yuèliang hěn yuǎn

The earth is far away from the moon.

So how to describe this picture ?

The swimming pool is far away from my home than the bank.

Let’s think…



游泳池我家 银行我家远。

Yóuyǒngchí wǒjiā yínháng wǒjiā yuǎn。

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