Foreigners holding these 3 types of valid residence permits can enter China

According to the current situation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation and prevention and control needs. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Immigration Administration are now adjusting the “Announcement on Temporary Suspension of Entry by Foreigners Holding Valid Chinese Visas and Residence Permits” jointly issued on March 26, 2020. Some measures are adjusted as follows: These 3 types of valid residence permits to enter China :

From 0:00 on September 28, 2020. The following three types of detention permit foreigners are allowed to enter.

1 Hold a valid Chinese job category
2 Private affairs
3 clusters

The relevant personnel do not need to reapply for a visa. If the foreigner holds the above three types of residence permit. But it will expire after 0:00 on March 28, 2020. The holder’s reason for coming to China remains unchanged. You can apply for a corresponding visa to enter the Chinese Embassy or Consulate with the expired residence permit and relevant materials. The above-mentioned personnel must strictly abide by China’s anti-epidemic management regulations.

On March 26, it was announced that other measures will continue to be implemented. China will gradually and orderly resume personnel exchanges between China and foreign countries under the premise of ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention. Foreigners with these 3 types of valid residence permits to enter China

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