Beijing art exhibition shows China’s victory of against covid-19

The world is in the midst of a global pandemic. China’s epidemic situation has been effectively controlled. So in August, Beijing art exhibition shows China’s victory of against covid-19. The National Museum of China is near Tiananmen Square in the center of Beijing.

The exhibition is a collection of nearly 180 art works, including sculptures, watercolor paintings and heroic doctor’s oil paintings. Aiming to record the initial coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan and its consequences.

The contents of the museum’s exhibition. Which reflect the official position on China’s containment of covid-19. Through the pictures of rescue workers, it shows the government’s responsibility and ability to deal with the public crisis and solve the crisis.

The exhibition, entitled “unity is strength”, is divided into three parts: Works by senior photography artists. Followed by calligraphy works, with contributions from amateur artists from all over the country.

Among the more than 75000 works received by China Artists Association, some of the most eye-catching pictures are found.

Take the large-scale triptych by Pang Maokun, the head of a major arts institute, that shows a medical worker in various states of exhaustion. Or an oil painting depicting jubilant doctors and nurses in front of a large Chinese flag, evoking the style of Socialist Realism popular among revolutionary painters in the decades following the Communist Party’s rise to power in 1949.

Both are typical of the exhibition’s focus on China’s medical response. Elsewhere, masked doctors are pictured putting on personal protective equipment, examining X-rays and gathering around patients’ bedsides. Beijing art exhibition shows China’s victory of against covid-19

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