“550 million people outing” during China National Day

During the China National Day holiday this year, the number of domestic tourists is expected to reach 550 million to 600 million. China’s domestic tourism has shown a clear trend of recovery.

China’s Mid-Autumn Festival this year coincides with the National Day. So the entire National Day holiday has 8 days. After experiencing the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Chinese hope to take advantage of this “Golden Week” to take a good walk.

However, the current global new crown epidemic has not abated. It’s surprising that China is starting to travel at this moment. Including the Associated Press, Bloomberg, and CNN all reported on China’s National Day Golden Week. China’s epidemic prevention is effective, and China has shown “confidence.”

Domestic tourism ushered in huge growth this year

550 million people outing during China National Day

CNN: Due to the containment of the new crown epidemic, hundreds of millions of people in China will go on vacation during the “Golden Week”.
Associated Press: Since mid-August, there have been no local confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in China.

Both the official Chinese figures and the figures of the world’s testing agencies have reached 70% to 80% of the same period last year. In other words, this “National Day Golden Week”, about 40% of China’s total population will travel abroad.

According to data from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. On the first day of the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival, the country received 97 million domestic tourists. It recovered 73.8% year-on-year. The tourism income was 76.65 billion yuan, a year-on-year recovery of 68.9%.

China International Television Station (CGTN) reported on September 30 that: For more than half a year, the travel demand of domestic tourists has been suppressed by the epidemic. Now that it has been released, optimism in the Chinese tourism industry is increasing.

550 million people outing during China National Day

Although the epidemic has been basically controlled in China, the global pandemic has not ended due to the epidemic. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminds Chinese citizens to avoid traveling abroad as much as possible during the “Golden Week” period. This also makes the domestic tourism industry present a state of “blowout” since the outbreak of the epidemic.

This is unique in the world

The Associated Press: Not just this “National Day Golden Week” now. In the second quarter of this year, the number of tourists to tourist attractions in China soared by nearly 159% compared to the first quarter. The reason is that the epidemic has been effectively controlled in China.

CNN: The massive movement of people in such a short period of time makes the world unimaginable.

Currently in China, the possibility of local transmission is close to zero. China has the strictest border control measures in the world. Chinese tourists are basically not worried about the new crown virus.

550 million people outing during China National Day

Millions of people will travel by plane during the National Day holiday. Chinese airlines are increasingly taking the lead in getting rid of the epidemic and returning to normalcy.

Wuhan is once again a popular destination

The CNN report also specifically mentioned the city of Wuhan. According to reports, Wuhan was unblocked in April this year. Now it has once again become a popular destination for domestic tourism. China National Day 550 million people outing

550 million people outing during China National Day

According to “Ctrip” statistics. The Yellow Crane Tower, a famous landmark in Wuhan, has become one of the most sought-after attractions in this year’s National Day Golden Week.

The Wuhan Sports Center, once a cabin hospitals , resumed its opening to the outside world for the first time on October 4.

On the day of restoration, the sports venues of the Wuhan Sports Center were all full. Xinhua News Agency official micro-published two comparison pictures of the Wuhan Sports Center, which used to be a cabin hospitals , between now and then. Netizens said one after another: This comparison has moved people to tears.

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