Chinese students face strict scrutiny in the U.S.

The conflict between China and the United States has reached a climax. Washington began screening Chinese students at the airport for technical theft. Chinese students face strict scrutiny in the U.S.

When the Boston International Airport’s announcement required Chinese students to come to the check-in desk. He thought it was a regular check-in. But waiting for him are two American policemen. The police raised various questions on the premise that the student wanted to steal the technology.

This doctoral student from China. Who worked as a visiting scholar in the Department of Psychological Science of Brown University for one year. During his last two hours on American soil, he was questioned baselessly about his potential connection with the Chinese Communist Party.

Chinese students face strict scrutiny in the U.S.

So why this happened?

FBI director Christopher Wray recently said, in response to Beijing’s “far-reaching campaign” of economic espionage, the FBI is now opening a new China-related counterintelligence case every 10 hours.

In July, Washington closed the Chinese consulate in Houston, calling it a “spy centre”.

As the US tightens its scrutiny of Chinese nationals over espionage concerns, screening selected departing Chinese students and researchers appears to be Washington’s new measure to counter economic espionage. Some of the students’ electronic devices were taken away for further examination and not returned for weeks.

It is “pure harassment”.

“If I were to steal any data or intellectual property, I could send it through cloud storage. Taking away my laptop and phone for examination does nothing more than harassment.” This student says.

China’s foreign ministry accuses Washington of “abusing” the judicial power to interrogate and arrest Chinese students in the US “under fabricated allegations”.









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