Epidemic prevention at the 3rd Shanghai International Import Expo

Shanghai has found the first imported case from abroad on March 5. Successfully implemented strict closed-loop management of overseas personnel coming to Shanghai. This time, closed-loop management is also strictly implemented for the entry participants of the CIIE. Epidemic prevention Shanghai International Import Expo soon.

Participants of the third CIIE

Before entry:
Implement a 14-day independent health monitoring.

Upon entry:
Implement 100% health declaration
100% body temperature detection
100% sampling nucleic acid detection

Implement boarding inspections according to risk control instructions. People who are found to have fever or cough during entry quarantine shall be sent to designated hospitals for diagnosis and treatment immediately.

After entry:
Implement a 14-day intensive health quarantine observation in designated hotels. Perform health monitoring during isolation and observation. Sampling was performed on the 5th day and the 12th day. And send it to a designated testing agency to carry out nucleic acid testing. All nucleic acid tests were negative and no abnormalities, and the isolation was lifted and exhibitors were allowed to participate.

Overall Plan for Epidemic Prevention and Control

Overall objective

Focus on the three key points of “crowds, goods, venues”. Pay attention to six key links, including entrance to the city, place of residence, and floating groups.

Full closed-loop management
The whole chain can be traced
Full nucleic acid detection
Check all access
Comprehensive Environmental Elimination-5 Measures

Classified management of 4 categories of participants. Establish 4 epidemic prevention and control lines of “border, city, region and exhibition area”. In the first time, the impact of the risks related to the covid19 epidemic was controlled to minimize. There will be no cluster of new coronary pneumonia related to the CIIE.

Specific measure

1: “Entrance gate” well. Enforce entry quarantine on all entry personnel. Implement 100% health declaration, body temperature test and sampling nucleic acid test. Carry out inspection and quarantine on all imported articles for blog.

2: “Place of residence”. Participants of the exhibition will stay in designated hotels respectively and implement classified management. During the exhibition, all exhibitors will conduct independent health monitoring.

3: “Flowing”. When taking public transportation in this city, all employees wear masks throughout the journey. Epidemic prevention Shanghai International Import Expo

4: “Exhibition Hall Gate”. Nucleic acid testing for all exhibitors and staff in the exhibition area. Strictly implement staff health management. All items entering the exhibition area shall be cleaned, disinfected and monitored. Strictly clean and disinfect the environment in the exhibition area.

5: “Active points”. All personnel entering the exhibition area and the exhibition hall wear masks throughout the process. The flow of people in the exhibition hall shall not exceed 30% of the maximum carrying capacity of the effective use area of the hall. The exhibition area without retail frozen fresh food.

6: “Monitoring posts.” Strengthen the monitoring of suspicious cases in fever clinics, community fever sentinel clinics and pharmacies throughout the city. Strengthen mobile inspections within the venue.

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