” Mulan ” suffered a low reputation in China

Chinese audiences have always loved watching Disney animations. And a live-action film adaptation. This time it was different. The movie Mulan suffered a low reputation in China. why?

Mulan suffered a low reputation in China

China’s negative reviews mainly focus on:
Subversion of the animated version. Abandon the Disney song and dance and story connection. Reduce the humorous sense of animation. The role of Mushu Dragon has been removed and the role of a witch has been added. A curious vision of Eastern culture. It only uses cultural symbols to represent China and does not respect Chinese culture. Liu Yifei performed dull.

Probably because this time the Disney princess is a Chinese. Chinese audiences seem to have more say, and therefore more critical. Everyone compares with the animated version of “Mulan” from aesthetic style to story plot. It also contrasts the elements of Eastern culture in the movie with historical facts.

In fact, the collapse of the domestic reputation of the movie “Mulan” was foretelled as early as when Disney released the trailer in July last year. At that time, the influence of public opinion on the hot event of “The Movie “Mulan” Release Trailer” had reached 76%. Mainly focused on the controversy and slots based on cultural differences and animation adaptation.

About the main advantages of Mulan

The main compliments are also portrayed in the film female awakening. Unlike the animated version, the movie “Mulan” is not only about Mulan’s journey to face her own female power. It also provides more possibilities for women to choose their own lives through the character settings of Hua Mulan’s sister, Huaxiu.

Hua Mulan brought glory to the family by “joining the army”, while Hua Xiu repaid the family in a more traditional way-marriage. The director said in an interview, “Times have changed, and love and gratitude to family members can be expressed in various ways.”

These are the expressions that Western audiences like, although they will also notice that “Mulan” itself has some common problems in Disney animation adaptations of live-action movies, such as scribbled cultural details, insufficient emotional portrayals, and insufficient protagonist growth lines. It has not become a reason to snipe Hua Mulan. It can be seen that in their concept, Chinese elements are more used to serve the story and characters, and even a background board. There is no doubt that this will be the beginning of a split between domestic and foreign reputation.

The Hollywood Model of Chinese Story

I’m afraid this should start from the story itself. Just like the Chinese background movies of “Mulan”, “Kung Fu King” and “Kung Fu Panda”. They still follow the story logic of the personal heroism of Hollywood protagonists awakening and saving the world. This is more like a Western story in essence. It’s just that the background of the characters’ birth and growth is set in China. “Mulan’s team is all foreigners and Chinese descent. These people are from outside the door to see China, and it is difficult to truly understand and analyze China in depth.”

Therefore, it is more reasonable to say that it is not that they cannot understand Chinese culture, but that they simply do not want to tell pure Chinese stories. What is irreconcilable may not be the aesthetic differences between regions, but the natural conflict between commerciality and culture.

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