Rumors of slandering China’s test reagents

Rumors of slandering the China’s COVID-19 test reagents company suddenly appeared in Sweden last week.

Announcement from the Swedish Public Health Agency

On August 25, the Swedish Public Health Agency issued an announcement. The new crown detection kit imported by China Shenzhen Huada Gene is defective. After a sample survey, 3700 “false positive” reports were found. It is believed that the kit “cannot distinguish between low-level neocoronavirus and negative samples.”

At the same time, this statement also stated that most people who received a “false positive” report had only mild or asymptomatic symptoms.

The truth of the incident

The previous Chinese kits were also considered bad. After investigation, it was found that there were all misunderstandings: some were bought wrong, and the sellers I looked for did not get a sales permit issued by China at all. Either the wrong method is used directly, and the result is wrong due to irregular operation. After using the genuine product correctly, Spain, the Philippines, Slovakia, the Netherlands… Which country does not boast that the Chinese kit is efficient and convenient.

This testing kit was pre-authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration for “emergency use” in March. In May, it was favored by Australia, which has strict drug management and difficult market access, and won an order for 10 million sets. slandering China’s test reagents

There has never been any quality problem.

Detection in Sweden

The answer given by a professor in the Swedish laboratory is a bit speechless. Who could have thought that they thought the kit was “too sensitive”…

Professor Lars Ernstrand, head of the National Epidemic Center of the Caroline School of Medicine, said. The sensitivity of this kit is so high that you will not miss any positive case in the population. But this will detect a large number of “asymptomatic infections” and increase the burden of tracking. This is the origin of the 3700 “false positive” results in the statement of the Swedish Health Agency at the beginning.

Now, in order to ensure that the positive results detected are all “true positives”. Sweden requires a reduction in sensitivity, so they have modified the sensitivity of the test box.

On August 26, BGI also responded. Asymptomatic infections usually have lower levels of virus. The results of low-sensitivity reagents are negative, and the results of high-sensitivity reagents may be positive.

Slandering China’s test reagents

The high positive detection rate brought about by high-sensitivity reagents is of positive significance for the prevention and control of epidemics dominated by the general population. Because low-sensitivity reagents may give “false negative” results, the infected person will participate in daily work and social activities as “normally healthy people” in the population. There are blind spots and hidden dangers in epidemic prevention and control.

This shows that China’s test kits are completely free of quality problems. And can even be said to be of high standard without humility.

However, this statement from the Swedish Health Agency gave the outside world the impression that the quality of Chinese products was substandard. Sure enough, as soon as the news came out, it was hyped up by some Western media.

This is a misunderstanding caused by Sweden’s rough quarantine and should be explained clearly to the public. However, Sweden did not make a specific response from the beginning to the end, and only used Chinese test kits without introducing the cause and effect, so that it suffered slander for its failed “anti-epidemic method”.

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