Street stalls are back!

In mid-March of this year, Chengdu changed the policy, allowing for stalls at designated locations. Until the end of May, during the two sessions of the National Committee, the CPPCC members proposed to loosen the regulations. The “street – stalls” economy, which has disappeared for many years, now is back!

Recently, many vendors have received calls from the city management, telling them that they can reset up their street stalls now. They said it’s unbelievable, which was banned not long ago!

What if there is no venue?  Remake!

In Suzhou, an area originally used as a parking lot was developed into a food court. People in Zhengzhou are even more creative. Around a square, many people drove their private cars and opened the trunk to change their stalls.

Snacks!  Satisfy the craving for tasty food

In addition to clothing and pretty commodities, the most exciting thing is that street foods are back!!

The night market in Putuo District of Shanghai has opened, and now people can buy lamb skewers, seafood and ice cream on the street, and people who love supper are here. There are also some internet-famous delicacies, and the market is richer than before. This is called “烟火气yānhuǒ qì”—- worldlines.

The development of the street-stall economy is very helpful for the self-employed and the unemployed, who were hit during the epidemic. For most people, it seems that the memories of childhood are back.

The vitality of a city does not lie in how tidy the surface is, but in the happiness that worldlines  bring to us.

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