Wuhan thousand people music party: Victory Carnival after covid-19

Wuhan music party: Victory Carnival after covid-19

Many people in the world are still isolated at home. After 76 days of the city, the people of Wuhan rushed to the local water park. People cool off and enjoy the performance. AFP, one of the four largest news agencies in the west, reported “Wuhan wave” as “the people of Wuhan returning to normal life.” The British guardian, CNN and other western mainstream media reprinted it one after another. Wuhan music party Victory Carnival after covid-19

Wuhan City, once suffered from the “Closure of the city”, was regarded as a concentration camp treatment by other countries. People enjoy a good life. Some people say, “it must be fake. This is a picture from the past.” However, many people were very touched and began to reflect on their country’s anti epidemic measures.

“Over the weekend, thousands of people took part in the water park party Carnival in Wuhan,” AFP said. The new epidemic first appeared in this city last year. When Wuhan gradually returns to normal life, people can’t wait to go to parties. “

This is not what many Western netizens think of Wuhan

It’s a virus that’s rampant in this city. This is a so-called “blocked city of terror.”. Why did you have a water party? Some people don’t believe it anyway. Foreign netizens have issued a series of queries, including the old video in 2019 and the video in 2018.

The Mayan beach water park in Wuhan said that, as in previous years, it did have a water Music Festival this year, which lasted until the end of August.

Wuhan music party Victory Carnival after covid-19

On August 15, NCNA reported that: “Recently, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been under continuous high temperature in Wuhan. Many residents have come to the water park in the city to make a splash.”

Netizens outside Wuhan, China, commented as follows

Wuhan should be one of the safest cities now?

Holding a nucleic acid report to open a party, why can’t we be high!

If Wuhan can be 10 degrees cooler than now, the scene will only be 10 times larger than this.

Wuhan people have the right to celebrate their victory, they have paid a lot.

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