Chinese Idiom :Hu Jia Hu Wei

In the HSK level 6 test, idioms and idiom stories are frequently used. It is often the key to score in listening, reading, and writing. Today we will learn an idiom story about a fox cheating a tiger and how to use it. Chinese Idiom : Hu Jia Hu Wei . Which means a fox take advantage of the tiger’s power. This idiom is used as a metaphor to rely on the power of others to bully or scare people.

The Legend:Hu Jia Hu Wei

Once a fox met a hungry tiger. The tiger opened his mouth and was about to eat the fox.

But the fox said, “My dear sir, I was sent by God to rule the forest. I’m the King of all of you! You cannot eat me! Follow me, let’s walk together and I will show you. If any animal sees me and does not fear me, then you may eat me. ”

The tiger agreed, because he couldn’t believe a fox could be as powerful as himself. The tiger followed the fox to the forest. All the animals, when they saw the tiger in the distance, were all frightened and ran away.

Then the fox said: “How about it ? I was walking in the front, and I scared all the animals away.”

The tiger had not noticed that the animals were actually afraid of himself. He was ashamed and said, ” Yes, you are right. I’m very sorry. You are the King. ” So, let the fox run away.

成语故事 : 狐假虎威





老虎并不知道动物们其实是害怕狐狸背后的自己。它不好意思地对狐狸说:“你是对的,你果然是森林的王。” 于是就放狐狸跑了。

Chinese Idiom : Hu Jia Hu Wei

How to use this idiom

1 The secretary of the boss took advantage of the boss to bully the salesman.

2 The puppy saw the owner coming, and immediately started to bark to the big dog.

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