Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou is not the city with the highest GDP in China

GDP per capita

According to economic data for 2019, China’s GDP is 99.0865 trillion Yuan. The GDP per capita has reached 10,000 US dollars. Among them, 14 cities have exceeded US $ 20,000, reaching the level of developed countries. But Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou is not ranked in the top five.

Of these 14 cities, 10 are located on the southeast coast: 7 in the Yangtze River Delta and 3 in the Pearl River Delta.

  • Shenzhen, ranked first, has a per GDP of more than 200,000yuah.
  • Shanghai’s GDP totaled 380 million yuan, ranking first, while per capita GDP ranked eighth.
  • To our surprise, in fifth place is Ordos, a city in Inner Mongolia, In addition, Wuhan, which is the most affected by Covid-19, has a per capita GDP of $ 21,100 in 2019.

Real estate

According to real estate data in 2019, China’s urbanization rate has exceeded 60%. From this perspective, China’s real estate industry still has a lot of room for growth.

In fact, the urban housing stock exceeds 350 million units. The average of household residence is 1.2, and the per capita living area exceeds 40㎡ . Now it has reached the standards of many developed countries, the real estate industry has become saturated.

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