The rise of the Pop cultural consumer market

Some words that “not understood” by outsiders are being frequently mentioned by young people today. Such as blind box, Chao shoes, Lo skirt, Hanfu, which is called “POPULAR CULTURE” or “CHAO(潮) CULTURE”.

The popular culture is rapid rising, and now the related industries are fast developing. And people born after 1995 become the main consumer.

Trendy apparel market

According to economic research, the global trendy apparel market reached more than US $ 200 billion in 2017. Behind this is the new emerging market under the pop culture. A big data report shows that among these brands, clothing occupies most of the market share, sweaters, shoes and T-shirts top the list.

The popularity of POP CULTURE on social media

Facing the broad prospects of “Chao Culture”, not only investors, but also the media are targeting this new market.

The major video websites have launched many related programs in recent years, such as rap shows, hip-hop competitions and reality shows about costume design. After watching the shows, young people fell in love with the shoes worn by the singers(Chao shoes).


Compared with trendy brands, the toy market develops faster. The growth rate of cartoon dolls, such as Molly, Caws, in the past two years has reached nearly 300%. Young people are also passionate about blind boxes(You don’t know which specific design from a series you might be receiving), they enjoy the moment of opening the box, if it ’s not what they like, they want to buy another one.

The trend of local brands

Some domestic sports brands, such as Li Ning and Huili, have become “street shoes”. In addition, the Forbidden City has also launched cosmetics, which is very popular with its exquisite classic packaging.

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