Autumn Equinox

Qiufen, also know as “Autumn Equinox”, is one of the traditional Chinese solar terms. On this day, the sun almost hits the equator, and the day and night are the same length, after which the temperature gradually cools down.

It is said that the specific time of the autumnal equinox in 2020 is 21:31 on September 22, the earliest in 124 years.

As the autumn equinox arrives, the rain gradually decreases. It also heralds the end of the hot summer and the arrival of cool autumn. The autumnal equinox is also a favorite day for Chinese artists. Artists write poems and paintings and sing about the coming of autumn.

What are the customs of the autumn equinox? Let’s take a look.

In ancient times, there was a saying of “Scrifice for the sun in spring and scrifice for the moon in autumn”. The autumn equinox was the traditional “Moon Festival”.

In southern China, “eating qiucai” is also a popular custom. Qiucai is a kind of wild amaranth. 

Crabs are delicious in this season. It has become a choice for many people to reunite with their families and share delicious crabs.

People all over the world are having fun of “holding egg” on this day. It’s said that this custom originated in China.

It’s getting colder after Qiufen. Don’t forget to add clothes and keep warm.














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