Chinese Ghost Festival : “ Zhong yuan ” Festival

Do you believe if there are ghosts in this world?Do you know Chinese Ghost Festival, “ Zhong yuan ” Festival, so called.

Chinese Ghost Festival : Zhong yuan Festival

Zhongyuan Festival is similar to Western Halloween. On the 15th day of July in the Chinese lunar calendar. At Zhongyuan Festival’s night , the hell will open the door , let the hungry ghost out for food, of course , including people.

Chinese people sometimes call people they don’t like as ghosts.

小气鬼 xiǎo qì guǐ :Petty

酒鬼 jiǔ guǐ:Alcoholic

饿死鬼 è sǐ guǐ : Starving people

色鬼 sè guǐ : Satyr

赌鬼 dǔ guǐ :Gambler

What is the difference between ghosts in China and ghosts in the West?

Chinese ghosts are more like people without bodies. They can eat, drink, take, and even die. Only a few people can see them. In many Chinese stories, some of these ghosts like to write poetry, some like to drink. There are also some ghosts who are beauties, and they like young male students.

There are two possibilities for Chinese ghosts to stay in the human world: 1 is He has unfulfilled wishes; 2, he committed suicide.

If a person is forced to commit suicide, he will become a ghost to revenge after death. Some people will take revenge on the person who harmed him, but some ghosts will harm others indiscriminately. Chinese Ghost Festival Zhong yuan Festival

Chinese ghosts can only harm people with shortcomings. If a person has no shortcomings, ghosts cannot be approached. When you encounter a ghost in China, you can recite Buddhist scriptures, swear swear words, and pee at him. Many legends say: You can also splash him with black dog blood. He will be afraid and will run away.

A real ghost story

When I was in high school, a few classmates and I smoked outside the dormitory one night. That day happened to be the Zhongyuan Festival. Of course it is secretly smoking, smoking is not good.

We chat together, the boy standing opposite me, he has a special function to see ghosts. He saw a middle-aged man lying on my shoulder. He nodded at the ghost, and the ghost left.

In the Chinese view of ghosts and gods, ghosts become ordinary people, and ordinary people have good and bad, so ghosts also have good and bad. So ghosts may harm you or help you.

Some magical wizards can use their super powers to drive ghosts to help you. Of course you have to pay some price yourself. In horror legends, those costs often benefit oneself for a while and eventually suffer.

We should respect ghosts like gods

The Chinese have an old saying: We should respect ghosts and respect gods. Chinese mages generally communicate with ghosts and understand why they become ghosts. Some wizards will help ghosts fulfill their wishes, and protect innocent people and fight evil spirits.

Chinese ghosts can be said to be “Human being” with superpowers. Unlike the “God” in China, Ghosts have no social status. They are wandering spirits, like beggars with special abilities. Very miserable.

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