Differences between Chinese and Japanese cultural habits

Differences between Chinese and Japanese cultural habits

Each country has its own customs. If you want to make friends with people from other countries, you must pay attention to the customs and habits of other countries. There are many cultural customs in Japan and China that are very similar, but in daily life, it is not difficult to find that some of their customs are completely opposite to ours.

Chinese people usually like to treat (even if it’s polite) and they often hear the voice of “I’ll pay this time” at the end of the dinner table. The Japanese also like Dutch treatment.

Habits in dinner

In China, dumplings, fried rice and ramen are all single staple foods. But in Japan, a set meal may contain these three kinds. Because they regard fried rice as the staple food, dumplings are dishes, and ramen is soup. One meal beats us three.

Habits in daily life

1 It is forbidden to make phone calls on public transport. There are even signs on some cars that require people to get on and turn off their cars. This is not the case in China. There are so many people on the phone in the car

2 Japan is only allowed to smoke and drink when they are over 20 years old. Although the sale of alcohol and cigarettes to minors is strictly prohibited in China, many minors still smoke and drink (there is no legislation, only mentioned in the law on the protection of minors).

3 In Japan, the wrong tick is checked and the right one is circled. In China, check the right papers and cross the wrong ones.

4 Japan will send wreaths when they open new stores. If China gives wreaths at such a festive time I’m afraid I’ll be beaten.

5 On his birthday, Japanese hold a birthday party for his friend on his birthday. In China, it is the birthday party. Invited friends will bring gifts to attend.

In addition to these completely different habits, there may be other habits which are not completely opposite but also different. Therefore, when contacting foreigners, we must first understand some customs of the other country. After all, learning to respect others is the most important way to behave.

Differences between Chinese and Japanese cultural habits
Habits at the table

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