Influencer Marketing

With the development of network and e-commerce, a new business model has emerged——– Influencer Marketing.

The stocks of the influencer economy have been rising recently, and is popular in capital markets. Affected by COVID-19, people rarely go out. And they can only shop online. Real stores also started online business, accelerating the development of this new business model.

Some big influencers have good sales ability, comparable to large shopping malls. According to statistics, the well-known influencer “Li Jiaqi”, broadcast live for three hours, attracting 16 million people to watch, selling 150,000 bottles of foundation, 300,000 packs of face towels and more than 30,000 packs of beef jerky.

Two reasons

1. Development of social media

The popularity of Internet content is on the rise, now people can share much about their lives on the Internet. Bloggers and influencers have appeared, and are becoming more professional.

In addition, User experience needs to be improved, consumers are no longer satisfied with the introduction of pictures and text, they prefer to understand the product through videos and live explanations.

2. E-commerce needs Data Traffic Realization(流量变现)

Besides the endorsements of super stars, merchants need to promote their products in other ways. The existence of “Internet celebrity” is the basis for influencer economy. The more fans there are, the more marketable the products they advertise are. In addition, the advertising cost of Internet influencer is much lower than celebrities, and they can stand in the perspective of ordinary people to share their feelings after use.

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