The impact of COVID-19 on Chinese life

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in China has affected almost everyone’s life. Living at home for a long time is not so bored as we think. From being forced to cook to actively researching cooking, from not knowing the neighborhoods to helping each other.

Takeaway frequency becomes lower

Many office workers used to like takeaways, but now people at home tend to cook their own meals, which is healthier.

Cooking show on social platforms

Because the restaurants are closed, and people at home have time to study cooking, so everyone is enthusiastic about cooking during the epidemic.

Cloud shopping becomes mainstream

People can’t go out, due to COVID-19. Chinese residents start to buy a lot of food and daily necessities online. Shopping malls also sell goods through wechat.

Network class  Work at home

Because the semester cannot be started, the students have to take classes through the screen. And to avoid infection, office workers also work from home.

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