The movies and TV dramas suitable for learning Mandarin (II)

Today we continue to talk the movies and TV dramas suitable for learning Mandarin. movies dramas learning Mandarin II

《十二生肖》“Chinese Zodiac”

Recommended reason:

Jackie Chan is a household name in foreign countries. This film for the international market is very popular with students. The movie “Chinese Zodiac” integrates Chinese Kung Fu, historical culture, comedy and humor, etc., so you can understand and learn Chinese culture and Chinese while relaxing. Wouldn’t it kill two birds with one stone?

Suitable level for students:

Suitable for intermediate and advanced students with Chinese proficiency

《功夫梦》“The Karate Kid”

Recommended reason:

Still Jackie Chan! The movie shows Chinese Kung Fu and life in the old Beijing city, and is a cultural display. The mixed dialogue between Chinese and English can help students understand. Also, please pay attention to Jaden Smith’s Chinese. Students should feel that their Chinese is actually very good.

Suitable level for students:

Learners of Chinese proficiency above intermediate level

《舌尖上的中国》“A Bite of China”

Recommended reason:

Chinese food culture has a long history. At the same time, the regional characteristics are distinct. This documentary fully reflects the food ecology of various parts of China. Through a series of story lines, the food characteristics, character scenery, food culture and related ethical knowledge of various parts of China are displayed on multiple levels. From this, we can see the profound philosophy of the Chinese that “food is the heaven for the people”.

Suitable level for students:

Intermediate and advanced Chinese learners

《本草中国》“Compendium of Materia Medica”

Recommended reason:

This documentary excavates and records traditional Chinese medicine stories with warm and true visual power. Decipher the essence and long history of Chinese medicine culture in depth. It is possible to combine cultural teaching with Chinese teaching. At the same time, foreign students can feel the charm of Chinese traditional medicine culture and better understand China.

Suitable level for students:

Chinese learners above advanced level

movies dramas learning Mandarin II

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