【Popular Word】硬核 yìng hé

硬核 yìng hé

  1. Difficult;
  2. Tough;Strong;Fantastic;

This is directly translated from the word “hard core”, which is a fierce style of music. Later, it was extended to the things that require a certain taste to appreciate.

For example, “硬核游戏”(yìnghé yóuxì),means those computer games which are very difficult.  In recent years, the meaning has been further extended. It is often used to describe “very powerful”, “very fierce” or “strong”.                  


1 钢铁侠最后拯救了世界,他真硬核! Gāngtiě xiá zuìhòu zhěngjiù le shìjiè ,tā zhēn yìnghé! ( Iron Man finally saved the world, he was really fantasitc!)

2 这真是一个硬核结局!Zhè zhēn shì yíge yìnghé jiéjú! (This is really a fantastic ending! )

3 新闻里说,有个爸爸在院子给女儿搭了一个城堡,真是一位硬核爸爸!Xīnwén lǐ shuō,yǒu ge bàba zài yuànzi gěi nǚér dā le yí ge chéngbǎo,zhēn shì yí wèi yìnghé bàba! (The news said that a dad built a castle for his daughter in the yard. What a amazing dad!)

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