【Popular Word】Q弹 Qtán

Q弹 Q tán

Elastic; Bouncy; Chewy

“Q弹”(can also say “Q”),  this word originated in Taiwan, In Hokkien, people say “k-iu”. Generally refers to chewy food, like fish balls, taro balls.

It also refers to elastic skin, which is full of collagen, like a baby face.

Why use the letter “Q”?

  • The pronunciation is very similar to “k-iu”.
  • There is a kind of gum candy called “QQ candy” in China, which is a very bouncy.


1 这家火锅店的虾丸很Q弹, 非常好吃!Zhè jiā huǒguō diàn de xiāwán hěn Q tán, fēicháng hǎochī!

The shrimp balls in this Hot-pot restaurant are very chewy, it’s very delicious!

2 她的皮肤很好,很Q弹,好像十几岁的小姑娘。

Tā de pífū hěn hǎo, hěn Q tán, hǎoxiàng shí jǐ suì de xiǎo gū’niang.

Her skin is good, very elastic, like a teenage girl.

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