【Buzzword】 真香 Zhēn xiāng

“ 真香 Zhēn xiāng ” So appetizing means that a person is determined not to do or do something, but the final behavior is the opposite. It is mainly used to express a mental state in which a person’s predicted event is completely different from the final result.

打脸 dǎ liǎn
The fact slaps the braggart in the face

The word originally came from the “Deformation Meter” program of Hunan Satellite TV in China. The director of the show asked people born in cities to experience life in rural families for a month. When Wang Jingze first came to a rural family, he thought that the rural conditions were not good, especially the food was not very tasty. He wanted to go back to the city and said angrily: “I, Wang Jingze, just starved to death, died outside. I jumped from here and won’t eat your food.” But a few hours later, Wang Jingze, who was hungry, was defeated by hunger. He picked up a bowl and ate the food from rural family, and said ” So appetizing! ” while eating. In accordance with the angry words he said earlier, the joy was suddenly overwhelming. This amusing plot immediately aroused the audience’s interest. From then on, when someone anticipated something completely different from the final result, he would say “So appetizing”.


1. Wǒ běnlái yǐwéi tā zhǐ shì ge méi yǒu nénglì de huāpíng, hòulái zhēn xiāng le.
我本来以为她只是个没工作能力的花瓶,后来 真香 zhēn xiāng 了。
I thought she was just an eye candy without work ability, but it’s so appetizing later.

2. Xiǎomíng shuō zìjǐ yào qù xuéxí, jiéguǒ gēn péngyǒu yīqǐ dǎ lánqiú qùle,
Péngyǒu shuō: “ Zhēn xiāng. ”
朋友说:“ 真香 。”
Xiao Ming said he was going to study, but he went to play basketball with his friend. The friend said, “So appetizing.”

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