【Popular Word】 键盘侠 Jiàn pán xiá

“ 键盘侠 Jiàn pán xiá ” Keyboard Man is someone who is timid and afraid of things in real life, but occupy the moral high point on the Internet and make comments on “personal justice”.

  The group of 键盘侠 Jiàn pán xiá have three characteristics. First, they like to get vanity and superiority on the Internet, usually by criticizing others. Second, they lack ability to communicate with people, and spend a lot of time online. Third, they judge the world through personal values. Although sometimes they are correct, they may lose their original purposes due to their own limitations and form extreme views.


1 Wǒ búshì hùliánwǎng Jiàn pán xiá .
我不是互联网 键盘侠
I am not an Internet keyboard man.

2 Fǎnduì wǎngluò bàolì, Jiàn pán xiá men bié zài duànzhāngqǔyì.
反对网络暴力, 键盘侠 们别再断章取义。
Against cyber violence, keyboard men don’t interpret out of context any more.

断章取义 duàn zhāng qǔ yì : interpret out of context

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