【Popular Word】安利 ān lì

安利 ān lì

Highly recommend; Sincerely recommend

“安利 ān lì” was originally the Chinese name of “Amway” company. Amway’s direct sales model is widely accepted in China, and deeply rooted in people’s heart. This is called Amway Sales.

Later, in games and anime circles, the word was extended to a new meaning: highly recommend, sincerely recommend.   Now the word has been widely used, indicating that “because I really like it, I share and recommend it to you”.


1 我安利你一个洗面奶,真的很好用!Wǒ ānlì nǐ yī ge xǐmiànnǎi , zhēnde hěn hǎo yòng !(I recommend you a facial cleanser, it’s really good to use!)

2 最近有什么好看的电影?求安利!Zuìjìn yǒu shénme hǎokàn de diànyǐng ?qiú ānlì(Any good movies recently? Please recommend to me!)

“求qiú” means request, seek. “求安利 qiú ānlì” is a popular phrase.It means “hope to get recommendation”.

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