【Popular Word】吐槽 tǔ cáo

“ 吐槽 tǔ cáo ” is a transliteration, originally derived from Hokkien, which means “expose someone’s defects”.

complain, sneer, criticize

Afterwards, Taiwanese translators used the word to replace the Japanese word っ込み (ツッコミ), which was widely circulated in China. 突っ込み originated from Manzai, indicating “in the discussion, refuting the contradiction of the other side”.


Kèrén men tǔ cáo zhè jiā cāntīng shàngcài tài màn.
客人们 吐槽 这家餐厅上菜太慢。
Guests complain that this restaurant serves food too slowly.

Zhè bù diànyǐng zāodào hěn duō wǎngyǒu de tǔ cáo.
这部电影遭到很多网友的 吐槽 。
This movie was criticized by many netizens.

遭到 zāo dào: suffered

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