【Popular Word】吸猫: xī māo

吸猫 xī māo , which refers to the behavior of loving cats, like hugging, kissing, and even can’t help but sniff it. 吸xī comes from “take drugs”, which means addiction, indicating that “I love the cat so much that can’t help myself”.

This word become popular in 2016. Someone posted a funny video online—- 《真正的瘾君子如何正确吸猫》”How Real Addicts xī māo”, and then the word was widely circulated.


1 他不喜欢出门,每天在家吸猫,吸得很开心。Tā bù xǐhuan chūmén, měitiān zài jiā xīmāo ,xī dé hěn kāixīn. ( He doesn’t like to go out, he kisses and touches his cat at home every day, and feels very happy.)

2 越来越多的人沉迷吸猫,无法自拔。Yuè lái yuè duō de rén chénmí xī māo, wúfǎ zìbá 。(More and more people are addicted to play with cats, and can’t help it.)


吸娃 xī wá:the behavior of loving babys, like hugging, kissing. (娃 wá:baby)

云吸猫 yún xīmāo:See photos of cats through the Internet, love cats, but can’t touch it. (云 yún :icloud)

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