Anti-epidemic documentary of overseas student groups in China

On the afternoon of February 10, the Yuejianglou Police Station of the Gulou Branch of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau walked into a foreign man wearing a mask. At the front desk of the household registration, he put down a red gift box and said “Thank you, you have worked hard”. After a salute, he quickly left.
Opening the gift box, the police found that in addition to some snacks, there was 1,000 yuan in cash and a letter: “I am a Latin doctoral student from Syria. At this difficult time, I want to say to China and the Chinese people: You are not alone, we will always be with you!”

Although hills ’n rills set us apart, the moon and wind share our kind heart.

Under the severe epidemic prevention, international students in China, as a part of the college students in China, on the one hand, we have taken great care for their physical and mental safety; on the other hand, they have also contributed to the Chinese epidemic. In this special period, we have composed a common music of love, help and solidarity.

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