Contribute to the “second hometown”

Gao Yousi, a 2014 international students of Peking University. Shared his story of finding medical supplies in 24 hours. And supporting from Israel in WeChat. “The transportation of 100,000 masks to China will be the most wonderful thing in my life.”

Gao Yousi said that China has helped the Jews a lot in history. “And now we changed to stand behind China.” On this day, this batch of supplies via Tel Aviv, Moscow, and Guangzhou arrived at Huanggang, Hubei.

      Like Gao Yousi, there are still a lot of foreign students who come to China. To take part in the prevention of Covid-19 with practical actions. Although they are not Chinese nationals, they also have deep affection and love for this land.

     Harley from Afghanistan, traveled to Kabul and three nearby cities in four days, collected 20,000 masks, and donated it to Wuhan through the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan.

International students at Tsinghua University, took advantage of language expertise and international liaison. They find supply channels for medical supplies worldwide and launched a humanitarian appeal.

Ollett, a Nigerian student from Nanjing University of Science & Technology. After the outbreak, he joined the volunteer team. He was responsible for taking the temperature in the residential area. He said, “Don’t call me ‘Lao wai’, I am an epidemic prevention volunteer”.

Mansu Alam, who is working in Shanghai. He took the initiative to join the group of local epidemic prevention after the outbreak. And became a community work volunteer .

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