The movies and TV dramas suitable for learning Mandarin (I)

A question often asked by foreign friends: “Are there any good Chinese film and television dramas that I can recommend? Movies and TV dramas suitable for learning Mandarin

Movies and TV dramas have always been a good way to learn languages. It is also more popular. Through film and television drama, you can learn about relevant Chinese culture or customs from the plot. Can practice Chinese listening and vocabulary. If you choose the right one, spoken Chinese will get better and better. And choosing the lines that are obscure and difficult to understand increases the difficulty of understanding Chinese, and it may become more and more strange.

So for foreigners, the choice of film and television plays is particularly important. Don’t look around!

1 《家有儿女》“Home with Kids”

Recommended reason:

This is a sitcom. Each episode tells one thing. The storyline is very Chinese, which is conducive to students’ understanding of Chinese family life. The characters in the play speak slowly and are in standard Mandarin, which is conducive to understanding. Now this play has been compiled as a teaching material for Chinese as a foreign language. It is a good choice for self-study or teaching!

Suitable level for students:

Intermediate and advanced Chinese level

2 《媳妇的美好时代》“A Beautiful Daughter-in-Law Era”

Recommended reason:

Describe the family story between the two families. Discusses the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in contemporary urban families. And the marriage story of young people with a new style of marriage and love. It is said that this drama is also very popular in some African countries. It seems that the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is really borderless.

Suitable level for students:

Chinese learners of college students above intermediate level

3 《我爱我家》“ Love My Family”

Recommended reason:

“I Love My Home” is a sitcom. This play uses traditional Chinese language and humor art. Let this lively big family stage a hilarious and lovely story after another. The content is all-encompassing and has a good effect on understanding China’s contemporary history, politics, economy, and culture.

Suitable level for students:

Intermediate and advanced learners with Chinese proficiency

4 《欢乐颂》“Ode to Joy”

Recommended reason:

This is an urban female drama. It tells about three girls who came to Shanghai from other places to work hard in sharing a suite, living in a mid-range community called “Ode to Joy” on the 22nd floor. In the community, they met two wealthy women and business elites with different backgrounds. The five heroines have very different personalities. With the difficulties and disappointments from work, love and family, the story of growing up together. In this drama, the five protagonists work together to solve various problems in life and witness each other’s growth.

Suitable level for students:

Intermediate and advanced Chinese level students

For those foreigners who learn Chinese for business communication purposes, “Ode to Joy” is the best workplace Chinese communication manual.

Today we will introduce these TV shows, and tomorrow we will introduce movies.

Movies and TV dramas suitable for learning Mandarin

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