HSK4 reading skills

Part I : Choose words to complete sentences and dialogues.

  1. Choose according to the context and logical thinking.
  2. Choose according to the collocation of Related words and phrases.
  3. Select according to the part of speech and components of the incomplete part.
  4. Fill in the words first.

For example:

手机早上7:05就__A__了,可是她一直躺到8点才起床。 [A.响  B. 却  C. 丰富]


Part II: Sort the sentences according to the given ones.

  1. According to the words at the beginning of each sentence, the first sentence can be determined by excluding the option that obviously cannot be used as the first sentence.

For example: “……的时候” ; “对于…… ” These can be the beginning of a topic.

  1. Sort logically according to the context.
  2. It can be analyzed according to related words.

For example: “就……“,”但是……“These are obviously not the beginning of a sentence.

Part: Reading sentences and choosing the right answers.

  1. First look at the questions and options, and take the questions to the text to find the answers.
  2. Find the key words, find the sentence related to the question, from which you can find the answer.
  3. If you have answers similar to those in the article, you can choose them directly.
  4. It’s similar to the original text, but in a different way, you can choose it directly.
  5. Pay attention to the first and last sentences.

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