Hsk5 reading skills (I)

Part I

1. On the basis of a certain vocabulary, pay attention to the collocation of Related words and phrases. For example:


A.似的 B. 相似 C. 不可

Fixed collocation:好像……似的

2. Determine the main structure of the sentence and pay attention to the subject and object corresponding to the verb. For example:

珠算成功申遗,将___B__让更多的人了解珠算,并且吸引更多人加入到珠算文化的队伍中来。 A.对比 B. 有助于 C. 盼望

Main structure:珠算成果申遗(S)有助于(V)……

3. Pay attention to the logical relationship before and after the article. When choosing, don’t think it’s OK to put the word here and read it smoothly. Look at the connection before and after.

4. The words in the options are often verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

5. It can be selected by exclusion.

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