HSK6 reading skills

A. Pay attention to the Related words (especially the Part I & Part II ). The first part is to ask the students to find out the options with language problems. Generally, 40% of the Related words are wrong.

For example:

1. (×) 经常按摩头部不仅可以疏通头部经络,致使头发得到滋养。(不仅……还……

2. 虽然科学研究尚未发现素食与长寿之间有直接关系的确切证据,___b___

a. 秘密就在素食者心里。

b. 但是已表明素食会给身体带来许多已出。

B. Pay attention to the words-collocation.

For example:


a.保持 b. 掌握 c. 确保

C. Pay attention to the object and subject of the verb.

For example: 承包风险 (×) 承担风险(√)

D. Determine the main structure of the sentence

For example:


            a.善于  b. 等于 c. 在于

          主要结构:重要的点 在于……

E. Pay attention to the inconsistencies in the sentence.

For example:

×) 这个比赛是目前中国唯一一个多地点、多赛道的超长跑过季挑战赛之一

F. Pay attention to repetition in the sentence.

For example:

( × ) 这家企业刚上市就接到了超过一百万以上的订单。

G. If you think the Part I is too difficult, the teacher suggests you do the next part first, because the score of the first part is not high. Do not waste your time.

I. About Part III, the teacher suggests that students can browse the options first, so as to improve the speed of problem-solving.

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