HSK6 writing skills

An article of about one thousand words is abbreviated to about four hundred words. You can’t join your point of view. First read for 10 minutes, then the invigilator teacher collects the paper, and uses 35 minutes to complete the writing task on the answer sheet. Here are some HSK6 writing skills.

Reading process:

Pay attention to frequent names and high frequency words. If you don’t understand, try to find the key paragraphs. The end of the story is very important. If you can’t remember a person’s name, you can use another easy title instead.

For example: 林丞相 (丞相:Prime Minister in Ancient China )

You can use 林先生(Mr. Lin) instead.

Writing process:

Pay attention to the integrity of the article, be sure to finish the end, and the content should conform to the original, or it will affect the overall score. In addition, if the sentences are too long, you can only write simple structures.

For example:


Change into ↓


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